STEP 4: Watch video

Sunrooms and Structures on Piers

Sunrooms and structures on Piers are quite often used 3 seasons and not heated in the winter. Not being heated in winter and exposed to the higher humidity of the spring, summer and fall can create problems with hardwood flooring. This video will give you information and advice for your project. 

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STEP 5: Select traffic and humidity conditions

Complete Humidity Control 

Moderately Controlled Humidity

Uncontrolled Humidity

HVAC system equipped with humidification and dehumidification capabilities. 

Humidity stays in recommended zone. 

Moderate humidity control. 

HVAC system includes an HRV and Air Conditioning. 

No humidity control.

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Live Sawn White Oak

Live sawn is a method of sawing lumber we have borrowed from European craftsman of past centuries. It is the most efficient method of sawing lumber because it uses the entire log and provides a very unique grain. 

Engineered Flooring Comparison

Unlike most engineered on the market ours is a full ¾” thick and comes in random lengths, and because we make our products, we can customize your order with lengths up to 12 feet long, and width up to 10 inches, creating a beautiful natural flow to your room. Choose a rustic, matte finish for your floor and any natural occurrences will blend in and add to your floor’s beauty.

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