STEP 4: Watch video

Hi Rise Condo Concrete Subfloor

Owning a condo is awesome! You have all the pleasures of a home without cutting grass or shoveling snow. Floor to ceiling windows give brilliant light but the extreme natural light magnifies every little blemish, making any imperfections in hardwood flooring highly visible. Although dark shiny floors in magazines look beautiful, they are the worst possible choice in a condo. We highly recommend a rustic, matte finish, any imperfections will blend in and add to the character of your floor.

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STEP 5: Select traffic and humidity conditions

Complete Humidity Control 

Moderately Controlled Humidity

Uncontrolled Humidity

HVAC system equipped with humidification and dehumidification capabilities. 

Humidity stays in recommended zone. 

Moderate humidity control. 

HVAC system includes an HRV and Air Conditioning. 

No humidity control.

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Engineered Hardwood Flooring Comparison

Unlike most engineered on the market ours is a full ¾” thick and comes in random lengths, and because we make our products, we can customize your order with lengths up to 12 feet long, and width up to 10 inches, creating a beautiful natural flow to your room. Choose a rustic, matte finish for your floor and any natural occurrences will blend in and add to your floor’s beauty.

Realities of Engineered Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured to be more stable than solid wood, but is still composed of 95% wood and 5% glue, and is not without issues.

Understanding Relative Humidity

Relative Humidity and Hardwood

Normal living conditions are considered to be between 65 and 75° F with a relative humidity between 30 and 50%. This is the range that is best for your health and also the best for your wood.

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