STEP 4: Watch video

Above Grade on a Wood Based Subfloor

New Home

New homes are built so tight, they are filled with all kinds of moisture. As you may know, hardwood flooring is a natural product and can react to humidity and moisture. This video will give you the right steps to ensuring a long lasting floor! 

STEP 5: Select traffic and humidity conditions

Complete Humidity Control 

Moderately Controlled Humidity

Uncontrolled Humidity

HVAC system equipped with humidification and dehumidification capabilities. 

Humidity stays in recommended zone. 

Moderate humidity control. 

HVAC system includes an HRV and Air Conditioning. 

No humidity control.

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New Homes and Moisture

Wet Houses

A new home can contain several thousand gallons of moisture that will need to be removed before the home reaches normal living conditions. Some sources of the moisture are concrete and several wet trades.

Plywood vs OSB

Wood Based Subfloor Comparison

The most popular subfloors used are plywood and OSB. OSB expands when exposed to moisture on a jobsite. The wood flooring will only be as flat as the subfloor beneath it. If your subfloor is uneven it will show through in the hardwood flooring.

Finishing Your Basement Ceiling

New Home

You should not finish the basement ceiling in a newly built home. This will trap moisture in the subfloor which can only escape through the hardwood flooring, (cupping picture) causing long term cupping.

Dog Friendly Flooring

Dog Finish

Are you a pet owner and would love to have hardwood flooring? Here are some recommendations to keep you and your pet happy.

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