How to Properly Install a Hardwood Floor

This video will walk you through every step of our installation process beginning with checking your moisture content until you are ready for clean-up and inspection. 

How To Install Wide Plank

A how to installation video for installing Wideplank Hardwood Flooring, using a method that is called Nail & Bead Glue. It is important that when installing wide plank hardwood flooring you need to understand the risks or incorrect installation and follow a correct installation method as outlined above.

Floating Floor Installation

Edge Glue and Floating

The floating floor installation is the most popular. Edge gluing and floating the floor is less expensive, less messy and easier to replace a board. The floor will move slightly when walked on, especially if the floor is not perfectly level. Floating floors have more of a tendency to squeak than full glue down floors.

Full Glue Down Installation

Full Glue Down

A full glue down or double glue down take more time and have a more solid feel but replacing boards if needed is more difficult. Glue can be messy to work with so it must quickly be wiped up immediately.

Our Install or Yours

It doesn't matter if it's our installer or your installer doing the installation, but please follow our guidelines. Nobody cares more about the success of your job than we do.

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