Understanding Relative Humidity

Normal living conditions are considered to be between 65 and 75° F with a relative humidity between 30 and 50%. This is the range that is best for your health and also the best for your wood.

Heat Recovery Ventilation


High energy costs have contributed to new homes being built very tight. Houses are more energy-efficient, but comfort, health and any wood products inside the home are put in unfavourable conditions. An air exchange system is needed to bring fresh air into the home.

Hardwood Flooring in your Kitchen

Yes you can have hardwood flooring in your kitchen. Many homes have an open concept and having a different product in the kitchen might look unnatural and, in some cases, be a tripping hazard.

Ordering Vents and Transitions

Include any accessory pieces; bullnose, reducers, T-mould, spline, as well as the number and sizes of vents. If you order the vents with the flooring, the vents will be finished with your flooring for a perfect match. If you wait and order after the flooring is made they are done by hand and won’t look as good.

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