Site Conditions For Hardwood Flooring

When doing a site inspection it is important to have the carpet or other flooring removed revealing the surface that will be covered.

Wire Brush Distressed

This video covers the different types of finishes on hardwood flooring. The video details the differences between wire brushed distressed and other higher sheen hardwood flooring finishes.

Downsides of Dark Hardwood Flooring

Dark Hardwood Flooring makes for a beautiful floor, however, Dark Flooring has downsides. Dark Hardwood Flooring is not a pet friendly flooring option. If you are looking for hardwood flooring that is best for families we would recommend staying away from dark shiny hardwood floors.

Hardwood Flooring Made In China

Made In China

Reasons why you shouldn't buy products that are made in China. Many flooring companies produce and purchase products that are made in China, which are not subject to the same regulations and inspection as products made in North America. ​

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