We are

the hardwood flooring experts...

Our team takes pride being the most knowledgeable hardwood flooring company in the world. Both Greg and Lewis Gaylord are certified hardwood flooring inspectors through the National Wood Flooring Association. With more than 50 combined years in the lumber industry, Greg and Lewis understand wood and the science behind it. 

We want your flooring job to be a success. That's why we went through the effort to put together this hardwood flooring journey. The amount of moisture in a new home can be problematic. Follow our steps and understand the science behind your hardwood flooring! 

In 2015 Gaylord Hardwood Flooring won the Best Manufacturer Factory Finished Wood Floor presented by the NWFA. Not only do we understand the science behind installation, we understand the importance of a quality manufacturing process. 

Thanks for taking your journey with us! 

Lewis and Greg Gaylord